Kylee Zempel of the Federalist delivers an amazingly poor progress report on the Biden administration’s first nine months in office.

It’s hard to keep up the illusion that you’re the answer to an entire country’s ills when seemingly everything you touch falls apart. President Joe Biden is learning this lesson the hard way, with his endeavors regarding the coronavirus, foreign policy, and national security all wreaking havoc simultaneously.

As the Associated Press documented, in one single hour on Friday afternoon, Biden and his team failed spectacularly on Afghanistan, ate crow on their next attempted COVID-19 milestone, and ticked off the United States’ longest ally.

For starters, the Pentagon revealed that the Kabul drone strike that Biden authorized in late August after the failed Afghanistan withdrawal not only wasn’t successful in taking out terrorists but instead killed 10 innocent civilians, including seven children. This is the airstrike that Gen. Mark Milley, who is under fire for making potentially treasonous phone calls to his communist Chinese counterpart, originally called “righteous.” It’s the drone strike that the administration falsely claimed had killed two “high-profile” terrorists.

But that wasn’t true. “The strike was a tragic mistake,” Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, head of U.S. Central Command, admitted during a Friday news conference.

Then there was the vote by a panel advising the Food and Drug administration — a vote that wasn’t even close, by the way — not to recommend COVID vaccine booster shots for everyone over age 16. So much for Biden’s “trust the science” vaccine ambitions.

Finally, an angry France, a country that’s been a U.S. ally since 1778, announced it was pulling its ambassador to the United States after some submarine deal that Biden struck with Australia and the United Kingdom. According to the French foreign ministry, it’s never recalled its ambassador to the U.S. until now.