Brad Slager writes at about media efforts to bolster President Biden’s flagging re-election bid.

As the election season churns ahead, it is becoming more obvious the Democrats, and the campaign officials, are facing a mounting challenge. The reality is Joe Biden is diminishing before the eyes of America, and this leads to perplexing reactions from officials who need to explain away what is becoming more obvious. 

Over the past week, there have been multiple examples of Biden embodying the term doddering; his odd 10-second attempt at sitting down at the G7 Summit, Italy’s Giorgia Meloni needing to corral him during a gathering, and this weekend’s stage display where he froze up at the fundraiser before being led off by Barack Obama. It has all become so bad that the handlers and the compliant press are in a full-scale drive to tell us these instances are all “fake,” videos that the dastardly Republicans have manipulated.

Don’t believe your lying eyes, is literally their strategy today.

There has been another instance where Biden’s squirrelly actions and undisciplined words forced the hand of a different group. The White House Correspondents Association has come out with a statement following yet another blunder by Biden while in Europe. During a press conference appearance (the likes of which are becoming a regular source of malaprops) the president was asked a question regarding Israel and Gaza, and this led to Joe snapping at the reporter. …

… “I wish you guys would play by the rules a little bit. I’m here to talk about a critical situation in Ukraine. You’re asking me about another subject.”

This sounded like a clear indication that the president has arrangements set up with the press, something long speculated as a result of the evidence seen over the years. This latest example not only reinforced the belief that Biden pressers are scripted, almost choreographed affairs, but it was egregious enough that the White House Correspondents Association was compelled to issue a commentary.