Inez Feltscher Stepman argues in a Federalist column that former Vice President Joe Biden ought to apologize for one of his most disappointing performances as a U.S. senator.

History becomes myth, myths become legends, and legends become unquestionable. And if a biased media is writing the story, even dubious tales can turn into unassailable “fact” with the right combination of narrative and time. This has been the case with Anita Hill.

Hill’s testimony alleging that Clarence Thomas, then a nominee for the Supreme Court, repeatedly harassed her in the workplace made for explosive politics back in 1991. It’s reemerging as an issue in 2019 thanks to the new presidential candidacy of Joe Biden. As senator, Biden chaired the Judiciary Committee, and in the eyes of the Democratic voters he hopes to court, he permitted too many tough questions attempting to ascertain the truth from Hill.

To be clear, Biden voted against Thomas’ confirmation. There’s even good reason to think he conducted the hearing in such a way as to give Hill every advantage, including leaving witnesses of highly dubious credibility, who would have likely undermined her own, off the roster. …

… Justice Thomas has received no Hollywood invitations to tell his side of the story. For almost 30 years, he has had to endure the permanent stain that the media circus has left on his good name, and when his term as justice is recorded in the history books, it will always bear an asterisk on one side of the aisle.