Nick Arama writes at about the latest political attack from a flailing president.

Joe Biden was in delusional overdrive at the White House on Friday. The White House invited some of the nuttiest liberal Twitter trolls to push out the latest propaganda. Then Biden premiered yet another effort to attack and demonize Republicans.

Biden accused the Republicans of trying to “crash the economy” and threw out that old lie about Republicans wanting to kill Social Security and Medicare.

What could the Republicans do to “crash the economy” that Biden hasn’t already done? He’s already crashed it.

Next, that’s a ridiculous deflection from Biden’s own failure. Republicans don’t want to kill Social Security and Medicare, they want to make sure it’s funded instead of not having anything, as it would have under the Democrats. But it’s a lie that the Democrats have been telling for at least twenty years. So at this point, people know it’s nonsense.

But he didn’t leave it there. He now has a new slogan, moving from attacking “MAGA” to “ultra MAGA,” now it’s “MEGA MAGA.”

Is this what the loony influencers told him to say? “Ultra MAGA” didn’t work, so now you’re trying “MEGA MAGA”? MAGA had nothing to do with whatever the Democratic lies are about “trickle-down” so what he says is just nonsensical. At this point, Biden is just throwing words up against the wall and hoping something resonates.

Biden started yelling about Republicans wanting to continue middle-class tax cuts, claiming they wanted to spend $3 trillion.

But wait, is he crazy? Didn’t he just add a boatload to the federal deficit with all his spending?

According to what the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget said in the middle of September Biden would add more than $4.8 trillion to the deficit between the various things he had passed.

Biden claimed that everything that the Republicans would do would make inflation worse.