Miranda Devine writes for the New York Post about Joe Biden‘s recent strategy in the Democratic presidential nomination contest.

Joe Biden doesn’t sound very moderate when he says there is “no room for compromise” on “transgender equality.”

It is the “civil rights issue of our time,” he tweeted last week, elevating it above women’s equality, racial equality, and even climate “justice,” an issue he once told us was an “existential threat.”

The tweet was rather baffling, other than as an exercise in identity pandering.

Maybe Biden thought he could win over a segment of the 0.3 percent transgender voters who are irate that Bernie Sanders accepted an endorsement from libertarian podcaster and pronoun purist Joe Rogan.

But, by trying to outwoke Sanders on gender fluidity, Biden is empowering a tyrannical micro-minority determined to overturn biological reality and crush dissent. …

… But, if the leading moderate of the Democratic presidential field is promising to make transgender ideology his human-rights priority, we should understand what that means, for women’s sports, for schools, for prisons, for the military, for language.

If there is to be no compromise on transgender rights, then the rights of women and girls will have to be sacrificed. …

… Like every other minority, transgender people should be protected from discrimination, as our laws demand. But if you take him at his word, what Biden is advocating is the forceful restructuring of society according to the irrational demands of a subsection of a tiny minority. It’s no way to win an election.