Naomi Lim of the Washington Examiner assesses President Biden’s re-election strategy.

President Joe Biden’s re-election argument is emerging as he underscores his economic achievements in his official capacity and on the campaign trail.

But with his approval-disapproval ratings in Jimmy Carter territory, Biden is trying to avoid becoming a one-term commander in chief by also framing 2024 as a referendum on Republicans.

Biden’s reelection pitch is not resonating with the public, according to Akash Chougule, government affairs vice president of Koch-funded political advocacy organization Americans for Prosperity.

“The Biden administration can have as many focus group-tested slogans as they want — Americans know when they’re paying more and getting less. Americans know when it costs $10,000 more for the same standard of living they had when Biden took office,” Chougule told the Washington Examiner. “Biden’s handling of the American economy is a record of failure.

AFP, which this week launched a 50-state, six-figure “Bidenomics is Broken” ad campaign, is among the prominent Republicans and conservative organizations undermining Biden as he seeks to promote his economic accomplishments. Former President Donald Trump, for example, asked United Auto Workers to consider endorsing him instead of Biden as the strike-poised labor union withholds its support of the president over his electric vehicle policies.

“While Biden deceivingly touts his failed ‘Bidenomics,’ families are struggling due to an upside-down economy,” Republican National Committee spokeswoman Emma Vaughn said. “Every time Biden lies about his failed economic agenda, American voters become increasingly motivated to vote him out.”

Simultaneously, Biden seems mindful of public sentiment regarding the economy, empathy 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was criticized for not demonstrating. Clinton appearing out of touch with the electorate provided Trump with the opportunity to connect with blue-collar voters, who have traditionally backed Democrats, helping him win Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.