Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon documents a disturbing development within one of the armed forces.

The U.S. Air Force is instructing its commanders to create a “safe space” in which recruits can partake in “healthy conversation” and “share perspectives” as part of what leaders are calling a “cultural shift” in the service.

The initiative, called “Airmen’s Time,” was created to advance the “well-being and development” of those serving in the Air Force, according to a copy of a memo obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, which was sent to “command teams and supervisors.”

“The intent of Airmen’s time is to create a safe space, be present, and ensure that our Air Force culture invites healthy conversation for every Airman…anytime, anywhere,” the memo states, encouraging service members to get together and “share perspectives and life lessons, discuss what values guide us, or what is our team’s purpose.”

The move is part of an effort by the U.S. military under the Biden administration to alter internal culture. The Army, for instance, has mandated its soldiers go through training on gender identity and pronouns, the Free Beacon first reported in March. Republicans in Congress and some in the military have criticized these initiatives for pushing “woke” propaganda within the service.

“Building trust and belonging is never a one-time event—it is a daily commitment to those we serve,” the memo states. “To further advance this cultural shift, leaders at every level are entrusted to prioritize time to elevate connection, growth, and enhance the well-being of individual Airmen while building unity within their teams.”

Airmen’s Time, the memo continues, “is a way of life—not a program. Care cannot be outsourced. Getting to know and see our Airmen beyond the uniform is how we build connection. It must be intentional at every level to create trust and belonging.”