Editors at the New York Post question the president’s willingness to challenge the world’s worst political actors.

President Joe Biden sure has a knack for rewarding the world’s . . . villains.

Take Hamas, which just agreed to a cease-fire for the faceoff it started by launching hundreds, eventually thousands, of rockets at Israeli civilians.

Even before that, Biden dropped the Trump policy of refusing aid to the Palestinian Authority until it ends its support of terrorism, promising $250 million in assistance — in potential violation of the Taylor Force Act, since the PA continues to pay “salaries” to imprisoned terrorists and the survivors of ones who died in the act.

This week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken promised more aid, upping the total to $360 million, theoretically to help rebuild in Gaza. Yet even State admits there’s “no guarantee” Hamas won’t divert the money to, for example, rebuilding its tunnels for terrorists to sneak into Israel. …

… And standing behind Hamas is Iran, which paid for most of the rockets launched from Gaza (and likely those launched from Lebanon and Syria during the 11-day flareup, as well). But Team Biden continues to try to restore the Obama nuclear deal with Tehran. …

… Meanwhile, the president has seen fit to schedule a summit this summer with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, as well as waive sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will increase Germany’s dependence on Russian natural gas and remove Ukraine’s ability to stop Russia’s gas sales to Europe the next time he decides to chop off a piece of that country.

Quite a favor for a guy whom Biden pointedly called a “killer” and whose interference (most Democrats believe) put Donald Trump in the White House. And soon after Russia-based hackers cyberattacked a US pipeline and created major gas shortages here — followed by new cyberassaults on federal agencies by hackers linked to Russian intelligence.