John Solomon writes at Just the News about a recent shift in political attacks on the Biden administration.

Rep. Jim Jordan is never one to mince words. So when asked why President Joe Biden was willing to risk children losing their federally subsidized school lunches just to force schools to adopt new LGBTQ-plus agendas, the Ohio Republican gave a razor sharp answer.

“It makes no sense,” Jordan told Just the News during an interview Friday on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “That tells you this is intentional.”

After more than a year of attacking Biden as a commander in chief who is bumbling, incompetent, prone to foot-in-mouth, rambling until he is lost, and mentally challenged, Republicans have changed tack as they head into crucial midterm elections that will determine control of Congress.

Now, the most unpopular features of the current American scene — high gas and food prices, transgender mandates and the open border among them — are relentlessly painted as part of the president’s and Democrats’ deliberate policies.

“The wide-open ‘border’ is no accident,” columnist and London Center fellow Deroy Mursock write in a Memorial Day weekend column. “It is deliberate. This is not a sign of incompetence. It is a reflection of [BIden’s] relentless, intentional destruction of the southern ‘frontier.'”

After Biden’s administration canceled drilling leases in the Gulf and blocked energy exploration in an oil-rich part of Alaska, gas and oil prices creeped up almost daily for two straight weeks.

Former President Donald Trump’s spokesman had a short explanation for the outcome.”It’s intentional,” Liz Harrington declared.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise expounded in a recent statement, noting Biden approved a pipeline for Russia but blocked one for America. 

“It’s not that he’s against all pipelines,” Scalies said. “As my colleagues have pointed out, he approved Russia’s pipeline, the Nord Stream 2, which builds on top of the Nord Stream 1, which was already supplying Russian oil to parts of Europe. We could have been there to provide all of the oil and gas that Europe needs. And instead, Biden turned off the spigots here and sent leverage to Putin.”