John Hinderaker writes for the Powerline blog about the president’s dubious connections to our communist Chinese enemies.

Biden answers “It’s not true.” But it is true. A single Chinese entity paid Biden’s family well over $1 million. That has been documented. And for what? Hunter’s sober judgment? Brother James’s financial acumen? Hallie’s good looks?

Obviously, the only reason why foreign companies and governments have showered money on the Biden family is Joe’s perceived power. And his influence has been real. When the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma desperately wanted a meeting with a high-level State Department official, it invoked the fact that the vice-president’s son was on its board of directors, and it got the meeting. Why else do you think the pathetic, drug-addled Hunter, who knew nothing about natural gas and didn’t speak Ukrainian, was worth $1 million a year to a Ukrainian natural gas company?

Joe Biden has been a corrupt politician for a long time, probably decades. In recent years his corruption has come to light. The establishment press tried to deny it, since the imperative to defeat Donald Trump trumped everything else. But no one has disputed the evidence that shows Biden has hauled in millions in ill-gotten income from foreign interests. There is nothing subtle about this: it is a classic way in which a corrupt politician gets rich.

But what to do, now that Biden is our president? The liberal press has apparently decided to ignore the whole issue. Instead, our reporters and editors throw up one smoke screen after another. Hunter’s laptop is Russian disinformation! Never mind the documents that unequivocally show Joe’s corruption. The repair shop guy invaded Hunter’s privacy! So the contents of the laptop are legitimate after all. The one thing our reporters don’t want to do is address the contents of those documents, and the other materials that show Biden’s corruption beyond serious dispute.