Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Mag details what he labels “the really bad news” for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

What the Tara Reade accusation really exposes is not that Biden is a cretin. Everyone already knew that. It’s the lack of enthusiasm. It’s not just the Bernie supporters hoping to kneecap Biden. The Democrat establishment isn’t converging in a human shield around Biden the way it had for Bill Clinton. Dems would like to pretend that they’ve been changed by the impact of the #MeToo movement.


Back then, Democrats were enthused about Bill Clinton. His cult of personality never matched Obama’s, and at that point it had sunk quite a bit (though not as much as it would by the end of his second term), but the backing was solid because he was their guy.

Biden is just there.

The Democrats have no enthusiasm. There’s no fire in their bellies. They’re grumbling even as they’re defending Biden. They would rather not be doing this, not because they care about Reade, but because they really couldn’t give a damn about Joe Biden.

And that’s bad news for Biden.

Enthusiasm is his real weakness. It’s not there. No one is really enthusiastic about Biden. And even a primal threat to his candidacy doesn’t summon more than some awkward dismissals. Their hearts aren’t really in it. And neither is Joe’s brain.

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