Robert Schmad writes for the Washington Free Beacon about historically bad news for the Biden administration.

President Joe Biden in June achieved the highest disapproval rating in the history of modern polling. This month, his popularity declined even further.

About 60 percent of Americans disapprove of the president, according to FiveThirtyEight’s polling average. Just 38 percent of Americans approve. Biden’s disapproval has risen and his approval has fallen by a few points in the last month, when he first became the most unpopular commander in chief in recorded history.

Voters are blaming Biden for runaway inflation and the poor state of the nation’s economy. Biden’s historically low approval could spell trouble for Democrats ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. Some polls suggest that even Democrats and racial minorities are beginning to turn on the embattled president.

Modern presidential approval polling began with Gallup’s surveys during the Harry S. Truman administration. Biden is the least popular president in almost 80 years of public opinion data collection.

Looking at net approval, or a president’s approval rating subtracted from their disapproval rating, doesn’t paint a much more favorable picture for Biden. The president’s net approval is sitting at -19 percent, tied with Truman for the worst among all presidents.

The situation is unlikely to improve any time soon, as Rick Moran of warned earlier this week.

Politico calls the coming avalanche of bad economic news a “Category 5 storm.” Indeed, the Biden administration may want to dig a hole and hide while Biden goes to his summer home in Delaware, given the depressing numbers that will come out of Washington this coming week.

“Consumer confidence numbers (which currently stink) hit on Tuesday. A Federal Reserve meeting and decision on interest rates, coupled with a press conference from Fed Chair Jerome Powell, follows up on Wednesday.”

Moran’s one-word assessment: Yikes.