Andrea Widburg of the American Thinker has nothing nice to say about the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

If Joe Biden weren’t such a corrupt, dissolute, politically vicious man, one might feel sorry for him as he simultaneously battles irrelevance and dementia while locked away in his home in Delaware. As it is, watching Biden public decay is the equivalent of watching someone take Dorian Gray’s picture out of the attic and place it in front of a television camera.

It doesn’t help Biden when his campaign churns out bland, meaningless bits of political pabulum that are meant to read as profound insights into public policy during a challenging time in America. The latest example is an opinion piece in the New York Times that purports to be Biden’s “plan to safely reopen America.” …

… I use the word “purports” because there’s nothing in the writing that echoes Biden’s actual voice. It’s very much the work of a staffer and not a very bright one at that. Still, it has Biden’s name attached to it and the phrase “my plan,” so we’ll pretend he wrote it. …

… Once stripped of the few fancy words and phrases padding the above ideas, it’s apparent that Biden (or his fine young ghostwriter) is simply parroting initiatives that are already in play under the Trump administration. Ultimately, all that’s left for Biden is to say, “I would do what Trump is already doing, but I’ll do it better.”

Biden’s time as a Senator or a Vice President, however, give no indication that he has any management or executive skills. It’s ludicrous to believe that Biden, who’s done nothing substantive over his career other than echo whatever line his party is taking, is capable of restoring America’s economy after this confidence-shaking experience.

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