Thomas Lifson of the American Thinker delivers a dire assessment of the Biden administration’s plans.

Only 8 months into the Biden presidency, disaster looms for the Democrats, and boy do they deserve every bit of humiliation and voter repudiation that looks to be in prospect. Yes, it is almost 14 months until the midterm election gives the public a chance to correct the electoral results that were proclaimed as genuine, and that’s an eternity in politics. But two factors give me a fair degree of confidence that the trend we see now will continue and accelerate:

1. Biden is not going to get more coherent. He is visibly declining, the victim of his pathologically status seeking wife who surely realized his ongoing dementia made him unsuitable for office. And his potential replacement is so repulsive that Vice President Harris is kept hidden from the pubic as much as possible.

2. With the slimmest of Congressional vote margins, the Dems have committed themselves to a far-reaching transformation demanded by the far left faction of the party that would spell doom for the few remaining non-extremists in the party. …

… Rasmussen finds Trump beating Biden by ten points in a hypothetical rematch.

All of this is before inflation roars out of control, which appears likely. People are ultra-sensitive to gasoline and food prices, because both are necessities, and both already are galloping skyward with the blame obviously on the Dems and Biden.

In the here and now, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has just postponed a vote on the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” spending bill. …

… She needs more time to try to satisfy the Squad and other lefties while keeping the support of Senators Manchin and Sinema and the few remaining House Democrats from swing districts, who understand how voting for Obamacare made many House Democrats lose their races in the first midterm of Obama’s presidency. They know that the massive debt spending will exacerbate inflation.