Robert Spencer writes at about disturbing revelations involving the Biden administration’s approach to censorship.

The Biden regime has already abundantly established that it has no patience for dissent. The Twitter Files show regime lackeys pressuring Twitter, along with other social media giants, to silence people who dared question, among other things, its COVID-19 narrative — yes, the one that has been shown to have been full of holes all along. But as is so often the case these days, it gets worse. Now it has come to light that the Biden White House actually pressured Meta to censor private WhatsApp texts that dared to express disagreement from the regime’s line. Yes, private texts.

This is not some crazy “far right” conspiracy theory (many of which have turned out to be true, anyway). It comes from investigative journalist David Zweig, whose Leftist bona fides are impeccable: he has written for The Atlantic, New York magazine, and Wired, among others. Despite this background, Zweig has had the integrity to reveal that the Biden regime is even more obsessed with crushing dissenting voices than we had previously known, and rivals even Stalin and Mao in its determination to allow only the approved line to be aired.

Zweig “gained access to emails between White House staffers and Meta executives about WhatsApp that underlie this investigative report. The emails were obtained through discovery in Missouri v Biden, a first amendment case brought by two attorneys general, and New Civil Liberties Alliance (a nonprofit public interest law firm) on behalf of private plaintiffs.” These emails demonstrate that less than a week after taking power, Biden’s handlers began talks with Meta executives regarding “content moderation.” That was when things took a dark turn.

Zweig notes that “of specific concern was vaccine hesitancy and how Meta would combat this across its multiple platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.” That much was to be expected, given what we already know about how Old Joe’s henchmen worked to censor dissidents on Twitter. But regime wonks made “repeated queries about another Meta property, WhatsApp, a service designed for private messaging.”