Robert Smith explains at the American Thinker why the new presidential administration likes multiple major problems to address.

The Biden administration has enjoyed no honeymoon. The cabal that addled Joe Biden fronts really didn’t want one. Bridge-building, comity, and compromise are passé. What Ron Klain, Susan Rice, and a knot of plutocrats and “progressives” who pull Joe’s strings want are crises. Manufactured crises are just as good as the real deals. They’re opportunities not to be wasted.

Not wasted for what, you may ask? Not wasted for power and money. Democrats’ reflexive appeals to compassion and kumbaya are shabby, if serviceable, ploys. Flimflammers get it.

Putting it more decorously, crisis is a governance tool of Biden minions and Democrats generally. Multiple crises best excuse an armada of presidential executive orders — spearheads in the drive to radically refashion America. We need to reject this ginned-up crisis politics wholesale.

The Biden administration is now teeing up the climate crisis. Catastrophic climate cooling or heating (you pick) has been the rage since the early 70s. But dunderhead Americans — that’s most folk who aren’t affluent white progressives in upscale zips — won’t get with the associated End Times creed. Listen up to the guy living large off a ketchup fortune, Apostle John Kerry, who solemnly intoned the latest warning.

A scant nine years remain to save the planet, said Kerry. We can only thank our lucky stars that we had a reprieve this long from the ten years that Prophet Al Gore foresaw back in the early 2000s. Our earth is — honestly, cross our hearts — about to become Mercury — an uninhabitable inferno, a hellish micron in the Solar System’s hinterlands. All because of little old pigheaded us.

The Biden cabal has begun gearing up a herculean effort to stave off the earth’s demise. The Green New Deal or some such brew, which puts the “R” in radical, guarantees to quell the human-created climate debacle.