Editors at the Washington Examiner have little good to say about the state of the union under President Biden.

Next week, President Joe Biden will address Congress on the state of the union, as the Constitution dictates. He ought to take an honest look at the country and the many problems it faces — problems his administration has either created or worsened.

Over the next week, the Washington Examiner will report on a few of the important problems plaguing the country and how they are affecting the public every day.

The most glaring crisis our country faces today is at the southern border, where hundreds of thousands of immigrants are crossing into the country illegally every month, overwhelming immigration officials and border towns. Just last week, border agents confirmed that more than 1.2 million immigrants evaded immigration enforcement completely. Who knows how many of these immigrants were on the terror watch list, as at least 70,000 apprehended immigrants have been, or were part of the drug cartels flooding our cities with fentanyl.

The reason the border crisis angers the public so deeply — indeed, it is almost always listed as a top concern for voters — is that it makes clear how little respect Biden’s administration has for America’s sovereignty. The Biden administration refuses to enforce the law on this issue and even encourages others to break it by refusing to hand down consequences to violators. In doing so, Biden has made a mockery of the rule of law, and there is no question that other countries around the world, including our enemies, have taken notice.

The economy is also worse off today than it was this time last year. Though inflation rates have begun to subside slightly, they are still abnormally high, and none of the earlier inflation is being undone. Biden inherited an economy in which real wages were rising and inflation stood at 1.4%. In just 18 months, he managed to push inflation up to 9%, bringing the cost of groceries, gas, and other everyday expenses up with him.