We’re accustomed to hearing leftists (mainly) complaining that big money interests can buy elections for their favored candidates and that if we want “clean” politics, we simply must have government regulation. I think such talk is almost always insincere; it’s meant to aid “progressive” candidates who know they’ll have an edge because more of their support comes in the form of union manpower. In any event, the belief that the candidate with the most money wins just took some severe blows.

In this [email protected] post, Walter Olson points out that in the Maryland gubernatorial election, the losing Democrat, Anthony Brown, outspent his GOP opponent. Also, here in NC, Kay Hagan spent more than Thom Tillis did.

All that any political message can do is attempt to persuade. If the content is not persuasive, repeating it incessantly all over the state won’t make it so.