As feared, the Panthers sacked Jeff Garcia all of 1 time and let him go for 300 yards and 3 TDs. Yet all the brain damaged Panther fandom and way, way too much media want to talk about is Jake Delhomme.


This loss is on John Fox and his play-not-to-lose style that had the Panthers rushing three late in the third with the Iggles driving. The bottomline is that 24 points should have been enough to beat the sorry Philly offense, but once again the defense couldn’t hold a 4th quarter lead. Fox and Marty Hurney opted to load up on DLs and creaky safeties rather than keep guys like Marlon McCree on the roster. That’s on them, not Jake.

The crucial INT was a classic Dan Henning brain fart. There was still plenty of time to run the ball against a smallish Philly front seven, especially with Brad Hoover, who hadn’t seen the ball all night. Then, of course Keyshawn drew the penalty but NFL refs swallow their whistles late in the season — always have.

In any event, I’m done with this team. I’ll pay attention again when they have a playoff game. In 2008. Maybe.