Todd Shepherd of the Washington Free Beacon reports on a campaign that aims to sign up more young progressive voters.

Tom Steyer’s NextGen America PAC and some of its state-based affiliates have successfully registered at least 230,000 new voters in 10 different states, but appear to have had their largest success in the swing state of Florida, according to a state-by-state statistical breakdown NextGen posted online.

Laws vary from state to state, but generally speaking, voter registration drives are prohibited from asking what party a new voter will join, asking how the person will vote, or denying someone a voter registration form if they ask for one.

With those limitations in mind, NextGen’s strategy to influence the vote is targeting millennials on college campuses, a more Democratic-minded cadre of voters.

“Young voters are diverse, progressive, and are the largest eligible voting bloc in America, but they don’t always vote at the rate they should because they don’t feel like the system responds to them,” Aleigha Cavalier, spokeswoman for Steyer’s NextGen America PAC told the Free Beacon by email. “Making sure young voters understand the collective power they have at the ballot box and getting them to show up is key to taking back the House and other progressive victories in 2018.”