Todd Shepherd of the Washington Free Beacon details the latest developments in the campaign to impeach President Trump.

The “Need to Impeach” campaign funded and run by billionaire political activist Tom Steyer has launched a new television ad designed to pressure newly elected members of Congress and gain their support for impeaching President Donald Trump.

According to a list of new house members compiled by, 57 of the freshmen are Democrats and 33 are Republicans. But the Steyer ad appears to be more focused on swaying the Democrats.

“Americans rose up this November and rejected Donald Trump,” Steyer says in the TV ad. “More unhinged by that than ever, this President declared war on the rule of law. But you gave Democrats the power to hold him in check. A majority vote in the house can impeach him and expose his lawless behavior for all to see. They just need the will.”

As Steyer says those words in the commercial’s audio, the onscreen graphics show many of the freshman Democrats.

According to the Need to Impeach website, the campaign will also launch an “eight-point plan” to guide Congress through the next two years leading up to the 2020 elections.

Many of the representatives targeted by the ad were supported financially by Steyer through his campaign contributions and voter mobilization efforts as part of his plan to help Democrats retake the House.