Carolina Plott Hound says the ‘sermon’ from Rev. William Barber at the state NAACP conference has to be read to be believed. They aren’t lying:

In apparent reference to Obama’s “didn’t build that” remark about business owners, Barber challenged the notion of rugged individualism and that people didn’t get any help to be where they are now.

“You didn’t get here by yourself,” he said. “You didn’t have sex with yourself and get here. Somebody had to help you come into existence. That’s basic street-level biology. People don’t make it to the top by themselves. Somebody helped you somewhere.”

Little wonder —in what was probably the least surprising headline of the day last week (perhaps with the exception of NACAR fans favor Romney) —-that Pat McCrory skipped the convention, leaving opponent Walter Dalton to do a little empty chair schtick. I didn’t see it Dalton’s performance, but I’ll guess it was funnier when Clint Eastwood did it.

For what it’s worth, McCrory has been endorsed by the Winston-Salem Journal, who just yesterday endorsed President Obama.