Sen. Reid (who represents Las Vegas as he reminded us) has introduced the new way of looking at deficits, it is now called the “birth tax”. Amazing, in the 80s when the Democrats ran deficits up even as revenues doubled it was Reagan’s spending, during Clinton, the deficit was Bush the Elder’s fault and now, all deficits are Birth Taxes. I thought Democrats traditionally called deficits an investment in our future.
I guess the new democratic tactic is to not let the facts get in the way of a good dose of confusion.
Reid’s additional confusion (and delirium) led him to think that having control over 4% of your payroll tax would equate to a 40% cut in Social Security benefits for recipients. Again, if you don’t have a solution, just baffle and confuse you constituents.
Limiting lawsuits, allowing small business to group together for health insurance and personal savings accounts. Hmm, must mean way too much freedom.
Congressmen David Price and Bob Etheridge, who apparently weren’t real clear on their talking points as they responded, said that Bush would cut benefits by 50%. It was clear that the Leon Panetta talking point response is that the evil operative word is “PRIVATIZE”.
So, in the coming days, prepare to hear horror stories about the elderly that have lost everything in the stock market and bad investments.
As an aside, I was just wondering as I watched Pelosi as to whether she had recent botox injections to prevent facial ticks from erupting as Bush spoke.