Joe Biden has big political problems. Why? Because Americans are watching his actions and policy choices, and more and more aren’t liking what they see. Poll after poll is showing Biden tanking. Whether it’s stunning disapproval numbers for the president in the key state of Iowa, the dizzying bipartisan rejection of his cut-and-run withdrawal from Afghanistan, or his eye-opening drop among likely North Carolina voters in Locke’s Civitas Poll, there is no spinning what’s happening.

And now this news from Morning Consult, as a key Democrat constituency begins to say no thanks to Biden’s decision that he – not Americans in consultation with their doctors – knows what’s best medically for every American.

How bad is it for our president? Here’s how the poll is summarized:

  • 71% of Black voters approve of Biden’s job performance, down 5 points since the federal vaccine mandate, while the share who disapprove rose 7 points to 24%.
  • Biden’s net approval rating among unvaccinated Black voters has plummeted 17 points since before the rollout of the mandates.
  • 61% of Black voters approve of Biden’s handling of coronavirus, down 9 points since the end of August.

Translation: It’s real bad. Check out the graphic below, and be sure to read the complete analysis from Morning Consult. 

Is Joe Biden a one-termer?