Ron Kauffman explored another “unintended consequence” of the fundamental transformation of American health insurance. He said thousands in California are becoming medically homeless.

Initially, lists of physicians were provided to people signing up for Obamacare. But in some cases, those doctors were not accepting new patients. CBS San Francisco reported that the “Covered California” Obamacare exchange was “. . . automatically enrolling doctors . . .” who never signed up for the program and never intended to because of the program’s low reimbursement scheme.

Well, no matter how much disregard the un-Constitutional “law of the land” has for the laws of nature; the few primary care physicians that remain will have to try to pay off their student loans while extending already long hours to see even more patients, and earn even less for it. Why, it sounds like we’re going to need some kind of Randian directive to make it illegal for doctors to quit.