Polk County leadership wishes to extend water lines from Sunny View School to the Polk/Rutherford county line.

“The majority voted to spend millions of taxpayer’s money on water lines to nowhere,” [resident Sky] Conard said, “yet cries poor when it’s overtime to spend the paltry $200,000 to do dam repair work already scheduled by county engineer David Odom. One of these projects is of great public safety/resource concern and the other is certainly not.”

Conard was not the first to say the water lines were going nowhere. The nearest area of demand for water in Rutherford County would be Lake Lure, and its leadership says it anticipates no additional need for water with projected growth. Odom had no numbers when Commissioner Ray Gasperson asked how many people the line would serve. Inquiries into reasons behind the extension from the Tryon Daily Bulletin were unanswered or answered with statements that the parties queried had no response.