Rep. John Blust spikes G’boro’s proposed ticket tax to help build a downtown performing arts center.

I guess what struck me when reading the N&R’s write-up is Mayor Robbie Perkins’ statement that “we’ll have to adapt to the reality in Raleigh.” Makes you wonder where he’s been the last year and half.

Update: John Hammer writes in today’s Rhino:

The ticket tax is a great example of Perkins and the Perkinettes going off half-cocked. The ticket tax was mentioned in passing by interim City Manager Denise Turner Roth at the budget work session held in the Atlantic Coast Conference Hall of Champions on Tuesday, May 22, but there was no discussion. It was just an idea thrown out there.

…Councilmembers Dianne Bellamy-Small and (Trudy) Wade voted against it. But everyone else fell in line with something that was obviously wrong and voted in favor. The council is supposed to vote to take action, not have the mayor take action and then vote to approve what he has already done.

Perkins has the votes for the next half-cocked idea…..