Next week, the NC State Board of Education will discuss their annual supplemental budget request.  According to the documents posted on the State Board website,

The State Board of Education did not a [sic] recommend a specific salary increase for teachers. The State Board would like to support what the Governor believes is an appropriate pay increase for teachers. The estimated cost increase to move between the salary tiers is $57.4 million (without considering any adjustments for possible attrition). A $57.4 million tier increase converts to a 1.15% raise for teacher salaries. A 1% across the board salary increase cost $50.1 million.  (Emphasis added.)

Given that the members of the board are appointed by the governor, this is no surprise.

But does this mean that the State Board will not support or even consider State Superintendent June Atkinson’s proposal to award a 10 percent pay increase to all classroom teachers?  Will Superintendent Atkinson try to persuade the board to change its mind?

Regardless, it is unlikely that Governor McCrory’s teacher pay proposal will survive NC House and Senate budgets.