News that two areas in North Carolina top Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live,” won’t decrease Wake County’s population and development boom. With more growth forecasted, local leaders are seeking advice from voters and advisory committees. Wake’s Blue Ribbon commission received a cold review after its more-tax-revenue-is-needed paean came up against a fiscal restraint chorus, thanks to the efforts of John Hood. But Wake’s not the only area experiencing growth and development.  Chatham County wants to take action to slow growth by limiting development.  If this advice is followed, higher housing prices, like those found in the now-distorted Asheville and Wilmington real estate markets, will follow.  Add to this fears of eminent domain abuse – which appear substantiated thanks to the legislature’s lack of action on the issue – and the state could be looking at some serious problems. Better planning today on issues from economic development to transportation policy can save taxpayers big dollars.