You learn something every day. I knew that Wal-Mart (and apparently some other big chain stores) allowed RV owners to park in their lots at night. Living a few miles from I-95 and halfway from Up North to Florida, we see lots of them when we make a late night diaper run. I didn’t realize there was a name for the practice, in RV parlance — “boondocking”. Apparently there’s some controversy in the camping community over it, but never mind.

However, the real catch of the day is this website which plots all of the Wal-Marts in North Carolina on a map. What a triumph of capitalism and private enterprise! It’s enough to make Lou Dobbs cry.

The parent site also has a travel guide which shows you the food, lodging, gas, and yes, Wal-Marts, at each exit on the Interstate. Here’s the mountains-to-the-sea guide to I-40 in North Carolina.

See, you knew it had to be out there somewhere.