The latest edition of Max BordersIdeas Matter update tackles the tax code.

If you think we could soon have a flat tax, you’re kidding yourself. Do you know how many parasites are nestled in the byzantine recesses of the U.S. tax code? Enough to make an army. That army would swarm out of the woodwork if we ever had a serious conversation about simplifying the internal revenue code. And guess who would be leading the charge: the IRS bureaucrat-H&R Block-tax lawyer complex. Don’t believe me? Witness the parasites…

Check this out this blog post from a parasitic CPA called Tax Stringer (a publication by a special interest group of tax accountants in New York called the New York State Society of CPAs):

In a modern capitalistic society, the belief in self-sufficiency in the face of massive competition from so many countries that are legally and illegally taking the world’s resources and cornering markets no longer works. Capitalism is a big sports game where winning is everything. Would we be in a more winning society if tax benefits were not given? Would people buy products if they did not see a tax incentive in something? These tax “goodies”—even though they lead to abuse in some instances—allow capitalism to thrive.

“Modern capitalistic” here really denotes crony capitalism — which is not the same thing, of course, as a free market functioning under the rule of law. This bizarre twist is designed to move your eyes away from the real problem — the cronyism. Even though taxes are a zero-sum game and the economy is not, the blogger attempts to make the market look like a winner-take-all-scenario. I guess CPAs just swim in that ugly world all year ’round. Few actually create value. They’re system gamers. Bean counters.

Borders also highlights the video below: