Eighth District U.S. Rep. Larry Kissell, a Democrat, is getting ripped by the left for ? get this ? failing to vote with Nancy Pelosi 4 percent of the time.

That means Kissell, in his first term after unseating Republican Robin Hayes in 2008, voted with the Speaker 96 percent of the time. Apparently, though, that’s not good enough for liberals.

Admittedly, his “no” votes have come on very substantial issues such as cap-and-tax and health care. But it’s still indicative of how closely the liberal leaders of the Democratic Party want their subordinates to toe the line ? or else pay, big time.

The Charlotte Observer has a good snapshot of Kissell’s predicament going into the 2010 cycle, with both Democrats and Republicans mad at him. The anger is so great that Democrats are looking for a primary challenger:

Some Democrats, meanwhile, are so upset with some of Kissell’s votes that they’re looking for a primary challenger. Last summer, he voted against so-called cap-and-trade environmental legislation. And in November, he was one of 39 Democrats who voted against the health care overhaul measure that passed the House by five votes.

Ralph Bostic, Democratic chairman in Kissell’s home Montgomery County, said he’s not sure he would support him in a primary. “If we’ve got a good candidate, I think he might be in a bit of trouble,” Bostic said.

It’ll be a fascinating race to follow.