I have some reservations about Bret Easton Ellis‘ broadside against political correctness.  That said, there are a few standout passages in Ellis’ podcast, highlights of which have been transcribed by Christopher Hooton at The Independent.

For example,

The high moral tone from social justice warriors is always out of scale with what they are indignant about. When did this hideous and probably nerve-wracking way of living begin transforming you into the authoritarian language police, with your strict set of little rules and manufactured outrage, demanding apologies from every sandwich or salad you didn’t like?

And this…

Why is it once again that I feel the well-intentioned young liberal self-proclaimed feminist left has become so oversensitive about everything that we have entered into what is really an authoritarian cultural moment? It just seems that it’s so regressive and so grim and so unreal, like in some dystopian sci-fi movie: there’s only one way to express yourself as some kind of neutered thing, this mound, this clump, turning away from your gender-based responses – towards women, towards men, towards sex.

It’s good to hear writers speaking out against attempts to shame artists and censor their work.