Kyle Perisic explains in a Daily Caller column the flawed nature of Twitter’s latest attempt to police speech on its platform.

Twitter announced Monday it would bring in a group of academics to combat bias on the platform, but many of them are openly anti-Trump and anti-conservative.

In this potential conflict of interest, the academics’ previous tweets have resurfaced, calling for “vigilance” against Trump policies, referring to Trump supporters as boot-lickers, accusing Trump of having small hands and saying reasonable Americans would flee the country if Trump won the election, Fox News reported.

These statements contrast sharply with Twitter’s mission of “serving the public conversation and working to increase the collective health, openness, and civility of the dialogue on our service,” as outlined in its Monday post, “Measuring healthy conversation.”

“We want everyone’s experience on Twitter to be free of abuse, harassment and other types of behaviors that can detract or distort from the public conversation,” she added.

Twitter will be forming two teams in this mission. One team, lead by assistant professor of Political Science at Leiden University in the Netherlands, Rebekah Tromble, with the assistance of Patricia Rossini and Jennifer Stromer-Galley at Syracuse University, will examine “echo chambers and uncivil discourse.”

The other aims to study how people use Twitter with the intention of decreasing bias, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported. Some of the team members are vehemently anti-Trump, participated in the women’s march and claim to be a part of the “Resistance.”