And that would be —who else could it be—–High Point University president Nido Qubein. Anyone who knows anything about HP knows Nido can sell just about anything. That’s how he got where is. I’ll say this much–when responding to questions about a business article, he once left me the most eloquent voicemail I have ever received.

The Forward High Point board of directors on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution asking Qubein “to strategically lead and direct the acquisition of a baseball franchise, stadium naming rights, facility management and ancillary developments (in partnership with city) centered around a multi-use stadium,” according to a news release.

….Chairman Doyle Early said Qubein’s track record at HPU, which has raised more than $300 million in gifts and pledges and expanded its campus from 92 to 430 acres under his watch, makes him a logical choice to oversee the private investment needed for the stadium.

….“This is not an agreement with HPU; this is an agreement with Dr. Qubein himself. He personally wants to help us with this catalyst project,” said Early. “In other words, HPU is not going to own the team and is not going to play there.”

Rhino Times’ Scott Yost reports the tax increment financing plan that will (in theory) pay for the $30 million stadium. For Guilford County Commissioners on the fence, turns out JLF has has written quite a bit about TIFs, I can sum it up in three words:Randy Parton Theater.