The Chapel Hill indymedia types are busy ignoring freedom coming to the Ukraine and Iraq by gazing wistfully southward toward the Castro beneath Castro, Hugo Chavez. Here is their new favorite tyrant’s recent pronouncement:

Everyday I become more convinced, there is no doubt in my mind, and as many intellectuals have said, that it is necessary to transcend capitalism. But capitalism can?t be transcended from within capitalism itself, but through socialism, true socialism, with equality and justice. But I?m also convinced that it is possible to do it under democracy, but not in the type of democracy being imposed from Washington

It’s a trademark of the marxist tyrant to speak grandly of transcending or somehow moving beyond capitalism. Nevertheless, rather than doing so in practice, they become the worst capitalists on the planet ? after all, they’re the ones who try to usurp all the capital for themselves! Funny that he should mention “democracy,” since ? in the proud tradition of other marxist tyrants, of course ? he thwarted democracy when the voters turned against him.

Also, there was more on the topic of communism surpassing capitalism today at this “news” service, brought to you on your dime through three departments at UNC-Chapel Hill: the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, the School of Information and Library Science, and Information Technology Services. (In other words, here’s more capital being “transcended” by being absconded.)

Yes, our publicly supported citizen-reporters took issue with the idea that “communism was a failure?and that any hopes of a radically different and liberated alternative to capitalism are a false hope.” In fact, they “report”, “communism was no shipwreck!Mirabile dictu! There’s much more to this “news”:

Bursting through the cracks of the 20th-century lumbering imperialist death machine, the workers and peasants in Russia in 1917 and in China in 1949 made revolution and accomplished amazing things. They went from unspeakable poverty and misery to becoming the people who, for the first time in history, started to consciously transform society and themselves.

One dead body at a time!