Today both the Senate and the House voted on the final reading for the Budget that determines state funding for fiscal years 2013 – 2015.  The votes were as expected, mostly down party lines.  Republicans were largely in favor of the budget and Democrats against.  There were some Republicans that didn’t agree with the budget, thus causing a few to cross party lines during the vote.

The Senate voted 32-17 in favor of the budget.  The only Republican to cross party lines and vote ‘NO’ for the budget was Senator Fletcher Hartsell from Cabarrus County.  Senator Dan Clodfelter had an excused absence.

The House voted 66-52 in favor of the budget.  There were no Democrats voting in support of the budget, and ten Republicans crossed party lines to vote against the bil.  Those Republicans voting against the bill are:  Rep. Blust – Guildford, Rep. R. Brawley – Iredell, Rep B. Brow – Pit, Rep. Dobso – McDowell, Rep. Elmor – Wilkes, Rep. Johnson – Cabarrus, Rep. Millis – Pender, Rep. Pittman – Cabarrus, Rep. Ramsey – Buncombe, Rep. Whitmire – Transylvania.  Two House members had excused absences, Rep. Samuelson and Rep. Wray.