Here are some of the more interesting items in the budget that might not be reported on in the media:


  • Creates an Opportunity Scholarship (vouchers) for low income students to use towards private school tuition.
  • Eventually will eliminate all K-12 teacher tenure.
  • UNC out-of-state tuition increases.
  • Community College tuition increases by $2.50/credit hour.
  • Expansion of Teach for America.

Justice & Public Safety

  • Closed 5 correctional centers because of declining prison populations
  • Closed 3 youth development centers
  • Repair and renovations for the state’s armories.

Health and Human Services

  • Increase funding for NC Pre-K to bring total available slots to 27,500.
  • Continue funding for the NC Quitline providing free tobacco cessation services and treatment for NC residents.
  • Continue Medicaid at current levels costing $991 million over two years
  • Even though NC decided not to expand Medicaid eligibility under Obamacare, there will be 142,109 new enrollees to join Medicaid over the next two years, costing an additional $163.8 million.
  • Obamacare also mandates that all children under 133% of the Fedeal Poverty Level are required to be covered under Medicaid, causing that to increase by $68 million in the next two years.

Natural and Economic Resources

  • Creates four new positions to assist Energy and Mining Commission for shale gas exploration with data collection and analysis.
  • Eliminates funding for the Adopt-a-Trails Program.
  • Provides funding to support repair and replacement of zoo trams.
  • Creates a new division within the Department of Commerce for the new Rural Economic Development Division, this eliminates the Rural Center.

General Government

  • Over $2.5 million in state appropriations for Tryon Palace in FY2013-14.
  • Reduces funding for Roanoke Island Commission.
  • Add three employees to the Lieutenant Governor’s office.
  • Compensation for sterilized victims.


  • Creates $100 surcharge on registration fees for electric vehicles.
  • Caps motor fuels excise tax rate at 37.5 cents per gallon.
  • Allows the usage of credit and debit cards for registration and title at DMV.