Biz Journal’s Justin Catanoso was on WFDD this morning discussing Warren Buffett’s purchase of the N&R. Listen here.

Couple of highlights –Catanoso raises the possibility that — considering Buffett’s ownership of the Winston-Salem Journal —that the two newspapers might be combined into one regional paper. By the same token, he notes that idea has been floating around for years as print media continues its slow, painful death.

Catanoso adds that BMH identifies communities that are vibrant and progressive when looking to purchase newspapers. So if you’re a journalist in this area, you should be happy that you now work for someone like Buffett. I thought that was because he’s a liberal Democrat, too, but it’s really because he’s committed to letting the papers run themselves.

Still, there are a few expected internal changes, but don’t look for much of a change in news coverage from the local daily.