Last night, I opted out of a political conversation, arguing all these people a gazillion times more intelligent than I, with all sorts of inside information, were trying to manipulate my choices; and I lack the spiritual discernment to know how many layers of deceit would be required to arrive at the truth. It’s a game I can’t win, and I’m a sorry loser.

That said, we have a group called NC Against the Bond. They want us to vote “no” because the funds are not going to transportation improvements. From my admittedly limited exposure to promotions for the bond, this looks like a straw man. I’ve only heard that the funds would go toward colleges and infrastructure. I have to choose my battles, so I now hold my nose and accept that government now commands economies of scale for infrastructure, and incentives for responsible upkeep, unattainable by the private sector. But what about the school improvements?

I was talking to a lady yesterday, who said she and her husband no longer have any resources to help their daughter with college. So, why don’t we raise taxes on this hard-working couple so they can pay for lots of nice, empty buildings and an uneducated daughter? Or perhaps we could interest the daughter in making payments on a college loan for the rest of her life.