The Buncombe County Commissioners Banned the Box. It makes sense that a criminal record should not hover somebody if he serves his sentence, being off the streets until the criminal justice experts believe it safe for him to return to society. Somewhat ironically, the role of redemption in Judeo-Christian theology was invoked in the public discussion, and supported by the “side” I have come to expect trash anything to do with traditional religion. I speak as one who should be serving zillions of life sentences were I not surrounded by compassionate forgivers.

The vote was split along party lines, with the three Republicans opposed. They said nothing, and I can think of two reasons as I sit here waiting for a response:

  1. The CJS is turning out dangerous people before they are reformed.
  2. Supporters were keeping company with folks who are usually on the wrong (socially or economically destructive) side of issues.

As always, whenever local government is going to approve earth-moving change, the action is billed by staff as really not changing anything.