The City of Burlington unveiled its new public transit system yesterday. Love the lede:

Burlington Transportation Manager Mike Nunn was in the middle of answering a question when two women stopped their car, backtracked and stopped to look at three Link Transit buses parked along Summit Avenue.

“Is that the bus for individuals?” one woman said, poking her head out the passenger-side window. “How much is it? Is that one-way?”

Nunn excused himself to hand her a leaflet with information concerning the city’s public transit system, which will officially open to the public June 6.

“We’re expecting more questions as we move toward June,” Nunn said.

One-way trips for a buck, 50 cents if you have a valid ID indicating you’re more than 60 years old, a student, disabled or a Medicare cardholder—-and last but not least—free for children shorter than the fare box.