I’m tired of fighting the paradigm that we need to create jobs, a concept disdained a few decades ago as derogatory and a failure to create meaningful employment. Now it is an excuse for government excess and diversion of talent from constructive efforts.

So, today we shall embrace and celebrate the Haywood County Commissioners’ concern that the courthouse lawn is subpar. This is good for the economy because the county can hire landscapers who will buy products from John Deere and Lowe’s. Scotts will have to hire more people to make fertilizer, who will be able to afford to go out to dinner and tip well. After the lawn is green and healthy, more tourists will come to look at it, and the hotels will get room-nights.

We will also embrace and celebrate bids to renovate the Henderson County Courthouse coming in at 25-30% over estimates. The commissioners may now decide if they want to create more jobs by contracting with architects for a smaller project or if they want to spend more money on labor and supplies to build the whole shebang. The higher prices, again, will allow the bidding companies to hire more people and pay them enough to put food on the table.

Henderson County has been trying to renovate the courthouse for over 20 years. Fortunately, more and more criminals are looking for trouble. Keeping demand for criminal justice offices on a steady incline creates jobs in the government monument building sector. If crime continues on the rise, the county will surely find a way to make sure they can make these strategic investments in the economy.