As we all know, when you say something over and over and over, people come to believe it is fact. That’s what’s happening with the Left’s claim of a $500 million “cut” to education spending in our state. If you’re a political advocate who simply wants your guy/gal to prevail by making people believe something is fact, you won’t care about the details behind the $500 million so-called ‘cut.” But for those of us who still believe that facts matter, read on for an explanation from JLF’s Terry Stoops. 

Total state education funding increased by around $1 billion, or 14, percent over the last four years, but that does not address the issue of inflation and enrollment changes. Any funding increase would have to take into account North Carolina’s growing student population. That is why an inflation-adjusted per-student figure is preferable.

We found that inflation-adjusted, state per-pupil funding increased by 3 percent over the last four years. Federal and local K-12 funding fluctuated during this period, so the total per-student funding figure may have exceeded or fallen short of this statewide average. Nevertheless, Tillis has no control over federal and local funding, so it is not directly relevant to the claims disseminated by those who are spending big money on Hagan’s behalf.

Obviously there will be some who complain that a 3 percent increase is insufficient. Perhaps it is. But it is clearly not a cut.