Buncombe County is shrinking the size of its Pre-K program due to evil budget cuts. I don’t know how many places I have heard that (1) the program that took a haircut subsidized daycare for kids from households with annual incomes up to $50,000, and (2) the initial grade-level improvements don’t trickle-up as a child moves through the school system toward graduation. Those whom I have heard advocating the cuts say more intentionality is needed in the funding; it should address the skill deficiencies of the lowest of the low-income and attiest of the at-risk. The lax qualification standards allowed the low and atty to hang out on waiting lists while the privileged got free and reduced for little Beauregard III. To belabor the point, our friend, the single mom in public housing with two kids, had in return for her sales tax payments and attendant lost opportunities, not only gotten missed by the bad aim of legislators throwing money, but had her kids put at further competitive disadvantage by whatever benefits the programs bestowed on the rich kids. Were I a good liberal, I would tell the media I wasn’t taking the bait to rant, whine, and advocate for the refueling of special interest salaries and restoration of ill-informed government programs.