I prefer not to mix science and politics. I mean, it is absurd to think of legislating the outcome of scientific experiments, but it is OK to consider scientific evidence in when directing public policy. That leads me to the annual Appalachian Energy Summit about to commence at ASU. Headlining the event will be Amory Lovins. I can’t say anything bad about him. I admire all I know about him. He innovates and shows people how to tread lightly on precious resources. I’ve been a fan of his and the Rocky Mountain Institute since I first learned about them. Also present will be David Orr. He’s a nice guy. I’ve talked to him, but I disapprove of his ways. He is expert in catalyzing paradigm shifts, and he was the first person I ever saw taking a bogus hockey-stick graph seriously. I mean, the curve was linear until the very year of the presentation when it inexplicably changed slope by at least a factor of five. I waited in line, but he never got around to talking to me about this. Lastly, the biggest of the big names will be Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Nuff said on that one.