Mike Cargile writes at the American Thinker about the significance of California’s gubernatorial recall election.

On September 14, Californians of all political persuasions will answer two questions on their ballot: 1) Do you want to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom? 2) Whom do you want to replace him? The fate of our nation will be determined by the outcome of those two questions.

How can I say that? First, you have to know what’s really going on, so let’s pull back the curtain.

Months ago, Ric Grenell publicly said he had no interest in running for governor because Pelosi’s daughter said there wasn’t going to be a recall. If it came down to it, Feinstein would have a sudden reason to retire, and Newsom would appoint himself to fill that Senate seat. Yet here we are, with a recall election on the calendar. What changed?

We the People. The recall signature effort shocked the world just by forcing the vote to happen. The establishment greatly underestimated how much Californians loathe this governor. He’s toast. Damaged goods. The challenge now is to mitigate his impact going forward. …

… In reality, none of this infighting is about removing and replacing Gavin Newsom. It’s about money and power. I just showed you some of the money. Now let’s have a look at some of the power.

The results of this special recall election have already been decided.

The same system — the same voting machines, bloated voter rolls, mail-in ballots, and ballot-harvesting used to put Gavin Newsom in office and steal the election from President Donald Trump — will be used on September 14.

Right now, California Democrats control everything. The outcome of every single race is pre-determined by the laws and regulations they put in place over the last two decades. They own it. …

… Remember, the goal here is to demoralize and then punish all who endeavor to thwart the system.