Apparently things have gotten so bad with the Wake County Schools, they are calling on the Army to straighten things out, as reported here.

Comments about the likely new Wake Co. school superentindent retired Brig. Gen. Anthony J. Tata, from some folks who know him” “a take-charge leader who has helped make D.C. schools more efficient” and “he’s very goal-oriented. He was a general so he knows … how to get the job done.”

Our schools could use a touch of discipline and  army values  to get back on track. Sounds like Tata’s the man.

The governor and the General Assembly may want to take note.  With a $3.7 Billion budget shortfall, unfunded state employee health plan and underfunded pension plan, $6 Billion debt, crumbling roads, record unemployment, skyrocketing unemployment, and a failing mental health system, we could use some direction, discipline and no BS management.  Perhaps it’s time to call in the troops.  We could do alot worse than the expertise and experience from the United States Armed Services.