Cheyenne Roundtree reports for the Daily Mail about a disturbing incident surrounding a recent college appearance by Charles Murray.

A college professor was injured by a ‘seriously scary’ and violent student mob as she escorted a conservative guest speaker off campus.

Professor Allison Stanger at Middlebury College in Vermont suffered a neck injury after her hair was yanked by unruly demonstrators while she was escorting author Charles Murray off campus on Thursday.

The screaming crowd, made up of students and ‘outside agitators’, were protesting Murray’s visit and attempted to stop his car by climbing on the vehicle, hitting its windows and throwing a stop sign at it, a college official said.

Murray, who has been called a white nationalist, had to have his lecture moved to a private room because of the commotion, and later said in a tweet the students, some of which who were wearing masks, were ‘seriously scary’. …

… Hundreds of demonstrators turned up to Murray’s lecture and protested for 25 minutes. They were so disruptive, he was moved to another room to have his talk recorded.

Middlebury College students turned their backs on Murray just as he started to speak and chanted ‘Who is the enemy? White supremacy!’, ‘Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray, go away!’ and ‘Your message is hatred. We cannot tolerate it.’

A Middlebury communications official called the protesters a ‘mob’, reported Seven Days.

He said: ‘The demonstrators were trying to block Mr. Murray and Professor Stanger’s way out of the building and to the car.

‘It became a pushing and shoving match, with the officers trying to protect those two people from demonstrators — and it became violent. This was an incredibly violent confrontation.’

College president Laurie L. Patton said she was ‘deeply disappointed’ by the events she witnessed and said members of the college community had ‘failed to live up to our core values.’