Our neighbors to the north have good reason to worry about the long-term impact of government response to COVID-19. Andrea Widburg explains in an American Thinker column.

Canada lacks the miracle that is the United States Constitution. Still, as befits a nation the once-free British founded, it is a country that has traditionally had a few of what we consider to be core English freedoms – freedom of speech, worship, assembly, etc. Those concepts seem far away now, as Justin Trudeau and the various provincial and municipal governments use COVID as an excuse to crack down on those liberties.

I’ve written before about Canada’s draconian and expensive hotel rule for people returning by air from overseas travel. It’s gotten so bad that people are flying into the U.S. and driving to their home country to avoid the hotel restriction.

That inconvenience, though, is small potatoes compared to what else is going on in a country that, as of April 30, has had an average of only 653 COVID deaths per million citizens. By contrast, France had 1,530 deaths per million, Germany has had 997 deaths per million, England has had 1,903 deaths per million, and America has had 1,744 deaths per million.

In other words, as the vaccine ramps up, treatments improve, and we get better at protecting the at-risk elderly, Canada should be relaxing its restrictions – but that’s not what’s happening. Two men, however, are fighting back.

One of those people is already familiar to American Thinker readers. A month ago, American Thinker posted a video of Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who grew up in communist Poland, kicking the Canadian police out of his church. …

… Americans need to take seriously what’s happening in Canada. When Trump was president, we had a bulwark against this totalitarianism. With Biden in the White House, there’s no saying how far the government will go to continue using COVID as a justification to strip Americans of their civil liberties.